Complete Landscaping Solutions

When it comes to landscape design and construction, choosing an experienced team is the most important decision to ensure the outcome of the project. At Bluetongue Landscapes & Concreting, we offer a turn-key experience that includes everything from design and planning to construction and ongoing maintenance.

Our experienced team understands the importance of a combined effort focused on both project management and client relationships. Maintaining a client-focused approach is what makes us stand out in the local industry.

Browse through the services below to learn more about how we can transform your landscape through modern, timeless designs. Our experienced crew is committed to providing a personalised service for every client. We promise a client-first approach through all stages of the design and construction processes.

Finding a plant that suits you

There is an enormous variety of plants available and there are many pitfalls to avoid. Part of our service is to help you find the the most suitable plants for your situation. We can help guide you through considerations such as location, function and the amount of maintenance required. To help with the process, check out our guide to plant selection based on themes.