Our Skilled Team Offers Multiple Stages Of Planning

At Bluetongue Landscapes & Concreting, we believe that planning is the most important phase of the project. By working with our clients in the earliest phases, we can envision the potential outcome of the landscaping – including the smallest details to ensure excellent results, such as materials and aesthetic flow.

Our skilled team offers multiple stages of planning, starting with a concept design. We’ll walk the job site to take measurements and discuss your preferences for the layout. Then, a rough mud map is created to sketch an overview of the design.

Sometimes, it begins with a hand-drawn layout, then we move to a formalised version using high-tech landscaping computer software.

Keep in mind that planning doesn’t include complete construction information, such as structural plans or exact measurements. Instead, we are looking at the high-level of vision before moving into the more detailed full design for the project. The goal is to take your ideas and put everything on paper, helping to save headaches and misunderstanding in the future.

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