Concreting, Kerbing & Resurfacing

driveways, patios, poolscapes, kerbing and more

Scott McManus started his business efforts more than 25 years ago in the concrete industry. Hill Kerbs continues to thrive in the local area, which is why our team has expanded to offer landscaping services in addition to concrete work. Every project is custom-designed based on the requests and preferences of each client.

Concrete services start with excavation to prepare the area for the placement of concrete materials. We have excavators of varying sizes to match the needs of each project, including tools for tight areas and narrow access.

Concreting can be laid for driveways, patios, extensions, poolscapes, and more. Unique designs can include kerbing, water features, wood features, decks, large stones, and boulders.

Resurfacing provides the option to upgrade the landscaping without a need to tear out old concrete. Our experienced team recommends Pebblecrete Carpet – a stone overlay system that creates stunning, long-lasting results.

Because of its durability and flexibility, Pebblecrete Carpet is perfect for overlaying and restoring cracked and broken surfaces, bringing them back to life looking better than ever. Another huge benefit is that it’s porous, allowing water to pass through.

It comes in a range of contemporary colours and stone sizes and the creative opportunities for shaped areas is unlimited.

It is perfect for the driveway, pathway, courtyard, car park, tree surround, pool surround, playground and even the rooftop and comes with a 10 year guarantee.

Visit our Pebblecrete Carpet gallery page here.

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