Beautiful, Functional Design is Timeless

When the initial planning is finished, then it is time to begin the work on a detailed set of blueprints for the project. This design process transforms the rough sketch into details that are ready for excavation and construction. We evaluate the piece of land to beautify the area while creating optimal functionality and usability.

Since our team at Bluetongue Landscapes & Concreting has experience with all aspects of landscaping, we understand the most important elements that need to be included in the plans. This design process sets the project up for success by mapping out the complete information required for everything from excavation (including levelling points and footing locations/depths) to the placement of sprinklers and plants.

Additionally, zoning rules are always taken into consideration, as well as erosion control, fence placement, water drainage, retaining walls, and more. These details are essential for both usability and aesthetics.

These plans are designed to leverage the talents of a skilled crew to ensure quality landscaping that is built to last. Not only is the space designed for beauty, but problems are identified and solved in the earliest stages. For example, the plans can be drawn around natural surroundings, property lines, and buildings.

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