This project began with undeveloped land, requiring a design that was built and established from scratch. The personalized landscaping plan included details for both the front and back yards, shaping the land into a peaceful, beautiful environment.

Sloping Landscape Designs

Scott transformed a blank slate of untouched land to create an outdoor oasis with beautiful landscaping features. He managed the challenge of a sloping block with landscaping features that created long-lasting durability and function. When the design was ready, construction began with significant excavation to clear the land and prepare for the installation of various landscaping details. Cut and fill techniques were used to create a usable lawn area where the family could entertain guests and enjoy activities with the children.

Large retaining walls were built to form wide spaces of the yard, with established levels designed in a tiered fashion. These features not only assisted with the function of the yard but also created an appealing, unique design.


Notable Features

A few other notable features were designed and installed by the Bluetongue Landscaping team:

  • Concrete Teardrop Driveway: Both functional and beautiful to allow accessibility to the garage and porte-cochere.
  • Variety of Textures: Multiple structures and features were implemented within the garden to heighten balance, such as metal, stone, and overside pots.
  • Irrigation System: The design and installation of an automated irrigation system for the front and back yards.

Existing features were integrated into the design, creating a blend of both new and mature plants. Careful selection of new landscaping features and strategic placement of under plants conveyed an established, mature feel for the property.

The design, excavation, and installation work were completed with coordinating development since the home and pool features were being built at the same time. The overall results created a beautiful haven for the family to enjoy beautiful views and memorable outdoor activities together.